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Colfax WA

Judge extends ban on executions in LouisianaJudge tosses two of five charges against FBI agent in PortlandWith weather balloon, murder case takes surprising twistPennsylvania woman accused of killing baby with drug-laced breast milkLife sentence for Missouri man who stabbed girlfriend 180 timesTexas woman bites off and swallows chunk of man's noseBoise mass stabbing suspect complains of 'sabotage' at latest hearingOhio lawyer suspended after courthouse camera catches sex actDA's pretrial diversion program for traffic citations cuts funding for courtsMan knifed in front of shoppers in London

In the Courts

Oregon v. Mayo

Sodomy - Victim past behavior

Oregon v. Thomas

Unlaw sexual penetration - Sentencing

Oregon v. Guardado

Sexual abuse - Sentencing

US v. Pepe (9th Circuit)

Sex tourism - Travel vs. residency

Oregon v. Wakefield

Reckless endangering - Unjustifiable risk

Oregon v. Mansor

Murder - Warrant specificity

US v. Kootswatewa (9th Circuit)

Sexual abuse - Hearsay; medical treatment

Carpenter v. US (Supreme Court)

Robbery - Cell location

Currier v. Virginia (Supreme Court)

Burglary - Jeopardy

Oregon v. Swan

DUII - Miranda interrogation

Oregon v. Hudspeth

Sexual abuse - Hearsay; memory loss

Oregon v. Sim

UUW - ORE 403 evidence

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