Concordia Parish Courthouse

Vidalia LA

Man accused of using bullets, pepper spray against Eugene churchConvictions of 18 men tied to corrupt Chicago officer overturnedICE arrests Peruvian wanted in 'Santa Barbara massacre'Portland allocates $500,000 for illegals' attorney feesOrlando-bound plane diverted after passenger head-butts flight attendantColorado man admits shipping gun parts to Saudi ArabiaInvestigators think California doctor may have victimized a dozenMarshals probe threats against Kavanaugh and familyHouston crime lab investigated for mix-up in mailing sampleFormer Pasadena officer admits illegally selling firearms

In the Courts

Oregon v. Dulfu

Porn - Sentencing

Oregon v. Pryor

Assault - Mens rea

Oregon v. Heckler

DUII - Colorado predicates

US v. Lawrence (9th Circuit)

Robbery - Juror concurrence

US v. Estrada (9th Circuit)

Drugs - Wiretap

US v. Lynch (9th Circuit)

Drugs - Hearsay

In re Bertoni

Attorney discipline

Oregon v. Miller

Comtempt - Jurisdiction

Oregon v. Corcilius

Offensive littering - Public urination

Oregon v. Diaz-Avalos

DNA testing

Oregon v. Fenton

Assault - Probation conditions

Oregon v. Brown


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