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Valpariaso, Chile

Police arrest California's 'cannabis landlord'Angry mom who tried to grab courthouse deputy’s gun gets 364 days in jail Texas police recover illegals' bodies 80 miles from borderLawyer told prosecutor she ‘doesn’t know how to act like a young lady’Police catch prowler in gorilla suitMan attacked helping conservative group in BerkeleyTwo soldiers charged with plotting to kill a thirdKansas man charged in death of mother who weighed 58 poundsGerman police discover 17 hand grenades near train stationFive German cities see stabbing attacks on the same day

In the Courts

Eugene v. Hejazi

Park rules - Jurisdiction

Oregon v. Rhodes

Disorderly - Mental disease

Timbs v. Indiana (Supreme Court)

Drugs - Excessive fines

Moore v. Texas (Supreme Court)

Capital murder

Oregon v. Jacobson

DUII - Trial in absentia

Oregon v. Rose

Sexual abuse - Miranda invocation

Oregon v. Harper

Drugs - Mens rea

Oregon v. Taylor

Capital murder

Oregon v. Banks

DUII - Refusal

Oregon v. Walker

Child neglect - Mens rea

Oregon v. Murillo-Bejar

Sexual abuse - Expert diagnosis

Oregon v. Campbell

Att murder - Restitution

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