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Judge rules Louisiana's court financing structure unconstitutionalCalifornia offers second chance to people convicted of marijuana crimesGrand jury reports 'shocking apathy' in Penn State hazing deathMissouri public defenders complain about caseloadFormer Texas police chief acquitted of official misconductLA court mistakenly destroys evidence in DP caseNew York deputy charged with rape, sex abuseHigh-ranking prosecutor resigns amid inquiry about case referralsEx-USC football player sentenced to 21 yearsAnother Oregon traveler found with pot on way to Minneapolis

In the Courts

Oregon v. Rice

Assault - Other bad acts

Oregon v. Kerne

Rape - Forceable coercion

Oregon v. Benz

Burglary - Restitution

Sparks v. Premo

Agg murder

Oregon v. Black

Sexual abuse - Expert testimony

US v. Diaz (9th Circuit)

Drugs - Expert witness; legal conclusion

Oregon v. Schmidtke

Theft - Pre-Miranda statements

Oregon v. Simrin

Contempt - Expungement

Oregon v. Warren

DUII - Costs/fees

Oregon v. McFerrin

ID theft - Sentencing

Oregon v. Woodbury

DUII - Expert testimony

Oregon v. Knapp

Drugs - Extension of stop

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